Maintaining the trust of our customers, suppliers and communities requires, that we act in accordance with applicable standards for environmental, health and safety excellence. Respect for human rights is a fundamental value at our organization.

It is our policy not to discriminate due to race, sex, colour, national origin, gender identity or other legally protected status. We do not tolerate disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour, unfair treatment or retaliation of any kind in the workplace and in any work-related circumstances outside the workplace.

In case you are aware of any issue in correlation to our ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel plant concerning:

  • Environment,
  • Safety or fire in the plant,
  • ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel BV suppliers violation related to corruption, responsible sourcing, human rights or conflicting affected and high-risk areas;

Any stakeholder is invited to report violence of sustainability issues that have a relation with ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel BV, including suppliers.

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